Bonibrae Royal Heir

('Bonibrae Jessica' X 'Velvet Throne')

TET., Dor., 5.75 in., fl., 27 in., sc., 2 - 3 way branching

$75 Single Fan

Bonibrae Royal Heir, Daylily

Bonibrae Royal Heir (‘Bonibrae Jessica’ X ‘Velvet Throne’) Dormant, Tetraploid, 5.75” flower, 27” scape, mid season, 16 bud count.  Just a beautiful velvety dark purple flower with a wire white ruffled edge. The picture was mistakenly taken in the sun but look at the bottom petal, it reveals ‘B. Royal Heirs’ true coloration, velvety dark burgundy with an even darker ruffled edge, surrounded by a white filigree! Pod and pollen fertile.