Bonibrae Black Gold

(Bonibrae Ebony Star X Bonibrae Freak Sdlg.)

DIP., Dor., 6 in., fl., 30 in., sc., 2 - 3 way branching

$100 Single Fan

Bonibrae Black Gold, Daylily

Bonibrae Black Gold (Bonibrae Ebony Star X Bonibrae The Freak seedling); diploid, dormant, 6", 30" tall, mid season,  2-3 way br., Bonibrae Black Gold combines the best of both parents!  I am trying to expand the gene pool of daylilies with dark stems. The stems of B. Ebony Star has no equal in her darkness of scapes , but the dark grey scapes  of B. Black Gold are close.  My third introduction in this endeavour, the influence of B. The Freak is too unique and beautiful to ignore. B. Black Gold is a bright sunny lemony-green self with the recurve, twists and turns of her grandparent. Very interesting, unique flower! Easy pod-setter, good pollen.