*Bonibrae Maggie's Prom Dress

(Bonibrae Maggie Anne X Gary Colby)

TET., Dor., 6+ in., fl., 26 in., sc., 14 buds

$100 Single Fan

Bonibrae Maggie's Prom Dress, Daylily

Bonibrae Maggie’s Prom Dress; (Bonibrae Maggie Anne X Gary Colby);tet, dormant, 26" tall, 6+" flower, midseason, 14 BC,;I used the beauty of B. Maggie and added the size of Gary Colby and got exactly what I had envisioned (hoped for!). B. Maggie’s Prom Dress has enough edging for two flowers! The edge can be up to one inch wide on these beautiful orange-peach flowers. She has a small green throat so all you see are these huge tropical looking flowers Pods are difficult but possible, pollen is good.