*Bonibrae Lukas the Awesome

(Unknown X Unknown)

TET., Dor., 7 in., fl., 27 in., sc., 13 buds

$150 Single Fan

Bonibrae Lukas the Awesome, Daylily

Bonibrae Lukas the Awesome; (unknown X unknown), tet., dormant,7"+, 27" tall, 13 BC, midseason; This is a huge beautiful flower I named for my latest grandson who was almost 13 pounds at birth! Pretty as a picture just like my grandson B. Lucas the Awesome has everything!; a beautiful double edge of dark lavender and tiny gold teeth, a huge light green throat and a gorgeous complex eye of lavender and burgundy; not to mention the eye-catching shimmering pink petal colour. Pods possible, pollen good. Thanks for another beautiful grandson!