*Bonibrae Black Magic

(Bonibrae Black Mist x Bonibrae Baby Blue Eyes)

TET., Dor., 4.5 in., fl., 36 in., sc., 15 buds

$150 Single Fan

Bonibrae Black Magic, Daylily

Bonibrae Black Magic; (Bonibrae Black Mist x Bonibrae Baby Blue Eyes), dip., dormant, 4.5", 36" tall, early to mid-season, 15 BC.; A very interesting bitone with a very complex eyezone and an edge! My third black-stemmed introduction but a far more special flower! She has delicate rose pink petals with darker pink veining surrounded by a white gold lightly ruffled edge. The complex eye consists of several layers of mauve and light lavender above a large lemon yellow throat. Sepals are a contrasting light yellow with a pink blush. Registered at 6" tall but can easily reach four feet in the right conditions making pollinating very easy! And her best trait is that she is a very easy pod setter with good pollen, Pods eventually become a beautiful jet-black when mature. A great plant and flower!  VERY LIMITED.