Bonibrae Timeshifter

B. Smoke & Mirrors X B. Baby Blue Eyes

DIP., Dor., 5.5 in., fl., 27 in., sc., 2-3 way br., 15 buds

$100 Single Fan

Bonibrae Timeshifter, Daylily
Bonibrae Timeshifter; diploid; dormant, 5.5", 28" tall, 3-way br., 16 B.C. ( B. Smoke & Mirrors X B. Baby Blue Eyes). A nicely ruffled, pretty baby pink flower with a VERY complex eye-zone. B.T. usually has 4-5 color bars in her throat(light-dark-light-dark-light!) all above a lime green throat.BEAUTIFUL!  Pod and pollen fertile.