*Bonibrae Stairway to Heaven

Bonibrae Miss Direction X Bonibrae Miss Direction

TET., Dor., 6 in., fl., 28 in., sc., 2-3 way br., 15 buds

$150 Single Fan

Bonibrae Stairway to Heaven, Daylily
*Bonibrae Stairway to Heaven; (Bonibrae Miss Direction X Bonibrae Miss Direction) tet dor., 6" fl., 28" tall, 2-3 way br., 15 B.C.; Stunning when you first glance at her, B. Stairway to Heaven usually has 3 to 4 arrows on her petals and 1-2 on her sepals. She has a heavily veined burgundy-rose petal color, above a large lime-green yellow throat all wrapped in lightergold edging. Pod and pollen fertile.