*Bonibrae Santa Bomb

Bonibrae Maggie Anne X Bonibrae Jessica

TET., Dor., 6 in., fl., 27 in., sc., 2-3 way br., 15 buds

$100 Single Fan

Bonibrae Santa Bomb, Daylily
*Bonibrae Santa Bomb; (Bonibrae Maggie Anne X Bonibrae Jessica), tet, dor, 6", 27" tall, 15 BC., 2-3 way br.; Bonibrae Santa Bomb is a great looking velvety red flower with a silver, nicely ruffled edge all above a very nice green throat. B. Santa Bomb is exactly the red I have been trying to breed for. The rich velvety red self is a real beauty and great plantwhich will occasionally will polytepal. Pod and pollen fertile.

Bonibrae Santa Bomb, Hemerocallis