Bonibrae Lime Ricky

Bonibrae The Freak X Rose F. Kennedy

DIP., Dor., 6.5 in., fl., 30 in., sc., 3 way br., 19 buds

$150 Single Fan (very, very limited)

Bonibrae Lime Ricky, Daylily
Bonibrae Lime Ricky; dip, dor, 19 BC, 3 way br., 30", 6.5" (Bonibrae The Freak X Rose F. Kennedy). B. LIME RICKY brings the best traits of both parents into this flower. B.L.R. has a dark forest green eye that covers 75% of the flower, with a tan-orange inner edge and a creamy white wide outer halo. When crossed with other complex-eyed diploids she is producing large green-eyed flowers with rainbow-colored rings. OR when crossed with other green-eyed intros she spawns huge green-eyed flowers in crisp clean clear reds, purples etc. A fast grower, easy pod-setter, with greatpollen! AN ALMOST PERFECT PLANT & FLOWER!