*Bonibrae Inner Demons

Bonibrae Jack Laundry X Forestlake Ragamuffin

TET., Dor., 5.75 in., fl., 25 in., sc., 3 way br., 15 buds

$200 Single Fan

Bonibrae Inner Demons, Daylily
*Bonibrae Inner Demons; UF., tet, dor., 5.75", 15 B.C., 25" tall, 3-way br.,(Bonibrae Jack Laundry X Forestlake Ragamuffin); I don't what happened?! Expecting to see teeth on the edges, I only got numerous thorny teeth in the  pinched UF throat!? B.I.D. is a limey yellow flower with a nicely ruffled burgundy and gold edge. The large burgundy-red eyezone, throat is covered consistently with large and small needle-like teeth like a prehistoric nightmare! Fairly easy pod-setter, good pollen. VERY VERY
LIMITED. If you like different this is the one for you, lizard tongue and all!