*Bonibrae Great-Eyed Wonder

TET., Dor., 6 in., fl., 24 in., sc., 3 way br., 15 buds

$100 Single Fan

Bonibrae Great Eyed Wonder, Daylily
*BONIBRAE GREAT-EYED WONDER; tet, dor., EMO 5.5"(am) (6+"pm),24" TALL, 15 B.C.,3-way br.;  B. Great-eyed Wonder is fully open & flat by 9 pm the day before it shows itself in daylight.(EMO)She recurves slowly during the night hiding her pinkish-cream petal color showing only the huge dark
burgundy eye by morning. Color is repeated on the sepals and the double edge. A very easy pod setter with good pollen. The parent of many black-eyed futures including this years B. WOW FACTOR.

Bonibrae Great-Eyed Wonder, Hemerocallis