*Bonibrae Brenna

(seedling X Bonibrae William the Great)

TET., Dor., 6 in., fl., 19 in., sc., 3 way br., 19 buds

$150 Single Fan

Bonibrae Brenna, Daylily
*Bonibrae Brenna; (seedling X Bonibrae William the Great)tet., dor., 6", 26", 19 BC., 3-way br.; A real "keeper" both the flower and my granddaughter! B. Brenna has three layers of edging (dark lavender-pink, light smoky lavender with outer gold piping). The eye is the reverse with a gold-green throat then the different circles of lavender. The gold edge has small teeth so B. Brenna should be an important flower for breeding complex eyes and edges with even more prominent teeth? Pod(not easy but worth the effort) and pollen fertile.

Bonibrae Brenna