Bonibrae Hummingbirds Bite

(B. Bluezone X Ruckus)

TET., Dor., M., 5.75 in., fl., 40 in., sc., 17 buds

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Bonibrae Hummingbirds Bite, Daylily
BONIBRAE Hummingbirds Bite (B. Bluezone X Ruckus); tet, dormant, 40", 17 BC. 5.75"M;
Very, very tall, this bird hovers above everything before swooping in to take a bite with her gold filled teeth. There is no bending over to pollinate this beauty as she is usually at eye level. Several shades of lavender B.H.Bite. has a dark layered eye and an edge of dark lavender with outside toothy gold edge, all above a yellow-green throat. Pod and pollen fertile.