Bonibrae Unfurl the Flag

TET, M, DOR, 8 in. fl., 28 in. sc., 3 way branching, 15 Buds

$100 Single Fan

Bonibrae Unfurl the Flag, Daylily
BONIBRAE UNFURL THE FLAG (Mildred Mitchell X Wild Wookie) tet, dor., 8", 28", mid, 3-way br., 15 BC. UF.' B.UNFURL the FLAG' has the best of both parents; UF like Wild Wookie and the cloration of Mildred. The recurving and twisting becomes more pronounced with summer's heat. 'B.U.T.F.' has a huge lime-green throat, a dark burgundy-purple eye zone and a lightly ruffled edge. Beautiful in a clump, her action in a light breeze is like a flag unfurling!