Bonibrae Taffy Swirls

(seedling X Bonibrae the Freak)

DIP, M, DOR, 6 in. fl., 35 in. sc., 3 way branching, 17 Buds

$100 Single Fan

Bonibrae Taffy Swirls, Daylily
BONIBRAE TAFFY SWIRLS (seedling X Bonibrae The Freak) UF, dor, dip, 6", 35", mid, 3-way br., 17 BC. Tan in clour like small-town fair taffy, 'Bonibrae Taffy Swirls' IS very unusual! Like her dad she has the same great heavy substance and large green throat as 'B. The Freak'. Nicely ruffled, twisted and recurved, what more could you ask for in an UF? GREAT FLOWER! Pods are difficult, pollen good.