Bonibrae Sunlit Waterfall

(seedling X seedling)

TET, M, DOR, 7 - 8 in. fl., 36 in. sc., 3 way branching, 18 Buds

$100 Single Fan

Bonibrae Sunlit Waterfall, Daylily
BONIBRAE SUNLIT WATERFALL (seedling X seedling) tet, dor, 7-8", 36", MID, 3-way br., 18 BC., Bonibrae Sunlit Waterfall is a tall bright gold flowered UF. The petals are slightly ruffled with the bottom petal like a bee's landing strip! The sepals are recurved and twisted. A large red eyezone accents the beauty of this standout, eye-stopping flower. Small green throat. Fertility unknown.