Bonibrae Grape Cupcake

(seedling X Substantial Evidence)

DIP, M, DOR, 5 in. fl., 32 in. sc., 3 way branching, 25 Buds

$75 Single Fan

Bonibrae Grape Cupcake, Daylily
BONIBRAE GRAPE CUPCAKE (seedling X Substantial Evidence) dip, dor, 5", 32", 25BC, 3-way br, mid; When I first had Substantial Evidence I crossed every diploid I had, these Cupcakes are the best seedlings I got from the 1000's of seeds produced. 'B. Grape Cupcake' is the most proliferous and tallest of them. Its grape-purple coloration is accented by an even darker eyezone
above a beautiful soft lime green throat. Like all the other Cupcakes she is easily fertile both ways making a gorgeous long blooming clump.