Bonibrae Goldilocks

(Substantial Evidence seedling X Substantial Evidence seedling)

DIP, M, DOR, 6 in. fl., 28 in. sc., 3 way branching, 17 Buds

$75 Single Fan

Bonibrae Goldilocks, Daylily
BONIBRAE GOLDILOCKS (Substantial Evidence seedling X Substantial Evidence seedling);diploid, dor mid, 6", 28", 17 BC, 3-way br., 'B. Goldilocks' basically a bright gold self with a very light touch of a reddish-orange eye zone. Her heavy substance and deep green throat come a dose of genes from the grandmother, Sub. Evidence. Very long blooming as she sometimes puts up several scapes/fan! Always recurved, light ruffling, beautiful. $100.00sf